¡°Xiangyanghong 10¡± set sail for Western Pacific for the first expedition in 2020

Editor:admin Author:Zhu YL Date:2020-04-02 Hits:3649

      On April 2, ¡°Xiangyanghong 10¡± set sail from Zhoushan port of our institute to the Western Pacific for a two-month deep-sea marine survey expedition. This voyage is the embodiment of our institute's principle of both fighting the coronavirus and strengthening marine investigation under regular epidemic prevention and control. It's also the first major expedition of ¡°Xiangyanghong 10¡± in 2020. 
      To ensure the successful implementation of this expedition, based on actual work situation and Zhoushan's local prevention and control regulations, our institute formulated ¡°COVID-19 prevention and control measures and emergency plans for Xiangyanghong 10¡±. It requires all crews to pass health check-ups and records their body temperature every day. The measures also strengthen the prevention and control of the stairway, prohibit unrelated persons on board£¬equip the vessel with medical masks, disinfectants, protective glasses, protective clothing and other prevention and control materials. At the same time, all departments onboard shall complete the maintenance of the equipment to ensure that the vessel is in seaworthiness, especially the winch, A-frame crane, folding arm crane, etc., which are commonly used in a scientific investigation. And the scientific research team has also made a lot of careful preparations for the expedition.

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