The SIO held the Graduation Ceremony for Postgraduates of Grade 2022 and Master Degree Awarding Ceremony.

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On June 20, the SIO held the Graduation Ceremony for Postgraduates of Grade 2022 and Master Degree Awarding Ceremony. Academician Li Jiabiao, Head of ISO, the entire leadership, heads of functional departments and laboratories (centers, institutes), and representatives of tutors attended the ceremony. 31 graduates successfully completed their study in the SIO and set sail once again to start a new journey of life.

   The graduation ceremony began with the solemn national anthem, and a commemorative video of the graduates was played on the big screen. Their study and life in the ISO were recorded in the video, and the innocence and moving among classmates in three years were left in photos. A total of 31 people were awarded master's degrees in the ISO this year. Li Jiabiao, Head of ISO, conferred degrees and certificates to each graduate in turn and took group photos. He encouraged the graduates to have high aspirations, embrace responsibility with passion, integrate themselves into the torrent of the new era, inherit the spirit of ocean people and the spirit of ISO, step into the "No Man Land", and keep struggling, thus creating their bright future. Chen Yining, the representative of tutors, made a speech, hoping that the graduates will be down-to-earth and continue to work hard to improve themselves in the future, striving to become the pride of the ISO. Ma Yunhan and Fang Haoyuan, representatives of graduates, said that they will keep the spirit of ISO in mind, apply their knowledge to practice, and strive to be the dreamer of the lofty ideal of marine career.

Xue Bin, Director of the Postgraduate Education Center of the ISO, read out the list of winners of the National Scholarship, Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang Province and ISO, Outstanding Student Leaders, Outstanding Master's Thesis and the First "Academic Rising Star", and the leaders of the ISO awarded honorary certificates to these students.