The SIO hosted the Sino-Russian Symposium on Geology of Arctic Eurasian Basin and Gakkel Ridge.

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On June 21, the Sino-Russian Symposium on Geology of Arctic Eurasian Basin and Gakkel Ridge jointly hosted by the SIO and the Russian Federal Mineral Resources Agency (Rosnedra) was held online. On the Russian side, Dr. Eugeny Petrov, Director of Rosnedra, Academician Oleg Petrov, Director of the Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI), Academician Valery Kaminsky, Director of the All-Russia Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources (VNIIOkeangeologia) and scientists from related institutions attended the meeting. Chinese attendees included representatives from the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration, Academician Li Jiabiao from the SIO and researchers working on Arctic geological research.

At the symposium, four Russian scientists introduced Russia’s research progress in geological mapping of the Arctic Eurasian basin, seafloor spreading patterns, ocean-continent transition zones, crustal structures, etc. Four Chinese scientists introduced the latest research progress of JASMInE program on geodynamic model, crustal structure, lithospheric thickness and hydrothermal detection of the ultra-slow spreading mid-ocean ridge. Academician Li Jiabiao proposed to jointly promote the United Nations Ocean Decade, carry out joint scientific expedition on the Eurasian Basin, and establish a Sino-Russian joint research center for Arctic seabed science. The Russian side responded positively to the suggestions of Chinese side, and further raised the need for cooperation in the Arctic comprehensive geological section and geological sampling.

This symposium is a further development based on good cooperation between the SIO and relevant Russian institutes. It is also a further deepening of scientific research on the Arctic seabed by the SIO following the Joint Arctic Scientific Middle-ocean Ridge Insight Expedition (JASMInE). The discussion on Arctic geological research from Russian and Chinese sides has substantially advanced the implementation of the Arctic Deep Observation for Multi-sphere Cycling (ADOMIC) project headed by the SIO, a part of the United Nations Ocean Decade program.