The delegation of Mr. John Walter, chairman of ISO and Standards Council of Canada visited the institute

Editor:admin Author:Ma LT & Feng XW Date:2018-05-22 Hits:4271

      On May 21, the delegation of Mr. John Walter, chairman of the International Standardization Organization (ISO), Ms. Kathy Milsom, chairman of Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Ms. Chantal Guay, CEO of SCC, and Mr. Chen Hongjun, deputy director of the National Standard Committee of China, visited our institute for exchange, to understand the work condition of our institute in the marine technology and international cooperation, and promote the cooperation between China and Canada in the field of the marine technology standardization. Director Li Jiabiao and deputy director Huang Daji of our institute attended the symposium and delivered a welcome speech.
      Director Li Jiabiao expressed that the ISO Marine Technology Sub-committee (ISO/TC8/SC13), established in 2014, undertakes the bridge role of promoting the formulation and development of marine technology standardization. The standardization of marine technology has a wide work range and heavy tasks, which requires to strengthen the cooperation and exchange with the standardized institutions of more countries, and also needs the guidance and support of the relevant departments like Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China. Deputy director Huang Daji introduced the history, general situation and international cooperation of our institute, especially the work of our institute in promoting the marine standard  development and the project cooperation with Canada.
      Mr. John Walter, chairman of ISO, expressed that the accumulation of scientific payoffs and the development of new technologies are the basis and precondition for the formulation of more efficient standards. This indicates ISO will expand the cooperation with scientific research institutions. He affirmed the substantial development of international standards in the field of ship and marine technology in recent years. At the same time, he also expressed his deep impression on the development of China's marine cause after visiting the exhibition hall of our institute, and believed that ISO/TC8/SC13 will become an important platform to advance the cooperation on international standards for marine technology between China and Canad. Ms. Kathy Milsom, chairman of SCC, introduced Canada's recent major innovative project plans, in particular the ocean module, and would like to strengthen the cooperation with China in marine fisheries and biological resources, energy, ocean remote sensing, ocean big data and other fields.
      At the meeting, researcher Feng Xuwen, on behalf of the ISO/TC8/SC13 Secretariat, introduced the overview, the organizational structure, the work scope, the standard proposal condition and the future development concept of SC13. Chen Hongjun, deputy director of Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China, said that the establishment and development of ISO/TC8/SC13 provides assistance for China to participate in the international standardization work of marine technology. China will strengthen the cooperation with Canada in the field of marine technical standards in the future. This exchange has expanded the impact of ISO/TC8/SC13, promoted the understanding between China and Canada, and opened the cooperation between China and Canada in the field of marine technology standardization.