Academician Li Jiabiao attended the ISO/TC8 Chairman's Strategic Advisory Group Meeting 2018

Editor:admin Author:Feng XW Date:2018-06-12 Hits:3581

      At the invitation of the chairman of ISO Committee on Ships and Marine Technology (ISO/TC8), academician Li Jiabiao and researcher Feng Xuwen from our institute participated in the Chairman's Strategic Advisory Group Meeting and the Secretariat's Working Meeting held in Rafina of Greece on June 3-8.
      As the first chairman of ISO Marine Technology Sub-committee (ISO/TC8/SC13), academician Li Jiabiao introduced the development direction and key tasks of international standards in the field of marine technology at the Chairman’s Strategic Advisory Group (CSAG) Meeting, mainly including: strengthening the connection with the International Seabed Authority (ISA), paying close attention to the requirement of ISA exploration regulations and environmental guidelines, providing technical services and supports for the exploration and mining for such mineral resources as polymetallic nodules, polymetallic sulfides and cobalt-rich crusts in the international seabed area, and transforming the technical manuals and management requirements of the ISA into method standards, environmental standards, management standards, product standards, and so on. Focusing on the relationship between global climate change and human activities, the working group on marine remote sensing CO2 products is set up, to carry out the pilot study and compilation of the Best Practice/Guide for the Production of Sea-Air CO2 Flux Remote Sensing Products by working with other countries such as the United States; by means of the real-time, quasi real-time, long-lived, wide-range, stable advantages of satellite remote sensing, that the data list must meet the requirement of MRV (Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in the international carbon trading system is satisfied. The guide is constantly revised and improved via the practice inspection and verification and transformed into the international standard.
      As the secretary of TC8/SC13, researcher Feng Xuwen participated in the TC8 secretarial work meeting, together with the secretary of TC8 Secretariat and the secretary of various technology sub-committees, learned about the new changes in the new guideline of ISO-2018 version, as well as the requirements on the division and responsibilities of ISO, especially the chairman of the technology sub-committee, secretary, working group convenor and project leader during the standard project process management, discussed deeply concerning such issues as how to improve the work efficiency, strengthen the internal contact of the technology sub-committee and the contact with each liaison organization and the analysis on the future policy environment, and also shared the successful work experience and practice of the technology sub-committee, thus laying the foundation in serving and promoting various work of TC8 in a better and more effective way. At the secretary meeting, Feng Xuwen made a report on the work progress of SC13 Secretariat, actively participated in the discussions, and made suggestions like establishing the liaison with the regional organization with higher internationalisation to better advance various processes of the standard.