10 Members of SIO Participated in the First Section of the Forty-Eighth Ocean Voyage

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       On July 31, approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources, the "Dayang Yihao (Ocean No. 1) " research vessel set sail from Qingdao to the Northwest Pacific Ocean for the forty-eighth deep-sea ocean voyage. Related leaders of the China Oceanographic Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Natural Resources and HUANG Daji, the deputy director of SIO, saw it off at the pier.
       The forty-eighth voyage was organized by SIO. 10 members of SIO participated in the first section. The resources and ecological environment of the Northwest Pacific seamount will be investigated with hi-tech equipment such as "Hailong III" ROV, Lander, Glider, benthic sled network and other high-tech equipments.
       The forty-eighth voyage is an important voyage for the implementation of the work plan of the "Ocean Exploration by Jiaolong" in the Northwest Pacific. The main task is to carry out the comprehensive investigation of the resources and environment in the Northwest Pacific seamount, and fulfill the contract for the exploration of the cobalt rich crusts in China; carry out deep-sea ecological environment investigation; carry out pilot application of deep-sea equipment; conduct investigations on deep-sea environmental problems such as marine micro plastics and radioactive nuclides; at the same time, observe birds, marine mammals and so on. The planned voyage is about 6,700 nautical miles, for a total of 100 days.
       The voyage survey area is located in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, and it is China's cobalt-rich crust resources exploration contract area and the hot spot of international seabed resources exploration. The implementation of the forty-eighth deep-sea ocean voyage will further deepen the understanding of the characteristics of the area in hydrology, geology, biology and sea water, and promote the basic scientific research on the deep-sea minerals and the deep-sea environment and the mechanism of its influence, which will play a fundamental role in the understanding of the deep sea and the peaceful utilization of the deep-sea resources.
       The voyage survey team consists of 117 members from 30 domestic units, including SIO, Beihai branch, FIO, TIO, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China University of Geosciences and the Institute of Oceanography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, including 87 scientists and engineers and 30 oceangoing seafarers.