SIO Scientists Taught the Training Course on Benthic Algae Separation and Classification for WESTPAC

Editor:admin Author:Wang PB Date:2018-09-30 Hits:1622

      Recently, SIO researchers went to Thailand to teach a training course on scientific diving and benthic algae separation and classification for WESTPAC. The training course was jointly supported by the UNESCO National Committee of Thailand, the Alliance of Divers, the National Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution of City University of Hong Kong, the University of Malaya and SOED of Second Institute of Oceanography.
      23 participants from marine scientific research and environmental monitoring institutions in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries were trained. The training courses were divided into two parallel courses. One was scientific diving, which was taught by Dr. CHEN Li, State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution, City University of Hong Kong, and there were eight participants. The other was benthic algae sample processing and classification training, which was taught by Dr. Po Teen Lim of the University of Malaya and researcher LU Douding and assistant researcher Wang Pengbin from the Marine Ecology and Environment Laboratory of SIO, and there were 15 participants. Through the theoretical teaching and experimental observation of the training course, the trainees have preliminarily mastered the basic knowledge and skills of benthic dinoflagellate sampling, algae isolation and cultivation, and taxonomic observation. In addition, SIO scientists and Thai partners sampled benthic dinoflagellates in the Tritang Bay of Phuket.
      The training is one of the few scientific teaching and training activities that SIO scientists participated under the multilateral framework of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations. It has been highly praised and welcomed by the participants. We have enhanced the contact and friendship with the researchers of the marine scientific research institutions of the countries along Western Pacific and it has laid the foundation for promoting and strengthening the marine ecology and environment cooperation between China and countries along the Western Pacific under the bilateral and multilateral frameworks in the future.