SIO Scientists Attended the 2018 Annual Meeting of PICES

Editor:admin Author:Wang PB Date:2018-11-06 Hits:3091

      On November 4, the 2018 annual meeting of PICES was held in Yokohama, Japan, participated by 551 scientists and government administrators from six member states of PICES and 15 countries and regions of the European Union. The theme of the annual meeting was "Comprehensive Understanding of Ecosystem Changes in the North Pacific".
      During the annual meeting, researcher CHAI Fei made a report on "BGC-Argo observations and physical-biogeochemical modeling", researcher Lu Douding made a report on "Expansion of Cochlodinium polykrikoides in Chinese coastal waters, what can be linked to?" and assistant researcher Wang Pengbin made a report on "Harmful algal blooms (HABs) may trigger and accelerate hypoxia zone formation at the Pearl River Estuary", which were well received by all participants.
      During the annual meeting, researcher LU Douding, as co-chairman of PICES S-HAB, chaired the meeting of the "Working Group on Harmful Red Tides", listened to the national reports on harmful algal blooms made by representative of PICES member states, summarized the scientific activities of S-HAB in 2018, discussed and determined the next annual activity plan with S-HAB members of PICES member states. SIO scientists also conducted in-depth discussion with officials and scientific researchers from Japan and other PICES member states concerned with red tide and related marine management departments.