SIO Swimming Team Achieved Excellent Results in the Provincial Organ Swimming Competition

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On June 23, the 2022 Zhejiang Provincial Organ Swimming Competition sponsored by the Provincial Organ Association of Culture and Sports and the Provincial Organ Trade Union was held at the Swimming and Diving Gym of Huanglong Sports Center. There were 41 events in the swimming competition. Nearly 600 people from 50 provincial organs participated in the competition, including 22 members of swimming team from the SIO.

The team of the SIO achieved excellent results after fierce competition. Yang Yun won the 4th place in the women's 50m backstroke and the 5th place in the women's 100m freestyle; Ding Weifeng won the 4th place in men's 50m backstroke and the 6th place in men's 100m freestyle; Bai Xiaoqiong won the 6th place in the women's 200m breaststroke and the 11th place in the women's 100m freestyle; Qin Linjiang won the 8th place in the men's 200m medley stroke and the 12th place in the men's 50m butterfly stroke; Zhao Jun won the 8th place in the men's 100m backstroke; Yang Yun, Xu Jiafeng, Qin Linjiang and Ding Weifeng won the 8th place of the team in the 4* 50m freestyle relay.