Promotion Meeting Held Against Zhejiang ¡°Vanguard¡± Program-Nearshore Waters Pollution Project

Editor:admin Author:Liu QY& Sun QW Date:2022-06-27 Hits:2016



        Recently, a phased summary and project promotion meeting was held against the ¡°Vanguard¡± Program-¡°Key Technologies for Pollution Source Analysis, Efficient Governance and Ecological Restoration in Nearshore Waters" of the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province undertaken by the SIO.

        Accurate traceability of pollutants in offshore waters is the basis for determining the responsible subject and comprehensively controlling key sea areas. The ¡°Vanguard¡± Program is to carry out scientific research on technical difficulties in the traceability and quantitative assessment of trans-boundary and cross-border transport of pollutants in Zhejiang's coastal waters. At the meeting, Project Leader Chen Jianfang, Deputy Director of the SIO, introduced the significance and overall progress of the project. The heads of relevant subjects from the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, the National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center and the SIO respectively reported on the traceability of seven major rivers flowing into the sea and land areas in Zhejiang Province, the long-term change trend and quantitative traceability of nitrogen and phosphorus in the Yangtze Estuary-Hangzhou Bay, remote sensing monitoring technology for identifying abnormal discharge into the sea and river traceability, the docking of natural science research results with the provincial marine environmental management, etc.