The 4th China-Africa Forum on Marine Science and Technology Held in Hangzhou.

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From July 27 to 28, the 4th China-Africa Forum on Marine Science and Technology, sponsored by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Sub-Commission for Africa and Neighboring Island States (the Sub-Commission for Africa) of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, and undertaken by the SIO was held in Hangzhou. Wang Hong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Director of the State Oceanic Administration, Xu Wenguang, Executive Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Dr. Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, and Professor Kouadio Affian, Chairman of the Sub-Commission for Africa and Neighboring Island States attended the forum. Nearly 200 officials, experts and scholars from 32 African countries and international organizations including Egypt, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Seychelles, South Africa, and Tanzania, as well as Chinese marine management departments, scientific research institutions and universities, attended the forum.

African countries are vital partners for China to implement the global development initiative, promote the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road" initiative, and build the "blue partnership". China has carried out a number of practical cooperation with African countries in the fields of blue economy, ocean observation and monitoring, continental shelf research, capacity building, etc. Under the theme of new opportunities for China-Africa cooperation in the context of the í░United Nations Decade of Marine Science for Sustainable Developmentí▒ (í░Ocean Decadeí▒), the forum focused on promoting the implementation of the í░Forum on China-Africa Cooperation-Dakar Action Plan (2022 -2024)" and "China-Africa Cooperation Vision 2035", discussed and prospected the key areas and paths for further strengthening China-Africa maritime cooperation by centering on numerous issues such as marine spatial planning, blue economy, marine ecological and environmental protection, marine disaster prevention and reduction, data and information sharing, research on the African continental shelf, and the construction plan of a China-Africa Marine Science and Blue Economy Cooperation Center.

Vice Minister Wang Hong reviewed the fruitful achievements of China-Africa cooperation in the marine field, and proposed three initiatives to further deepen cooperation in the speech, namely, enhancing the capability of marine scientific and technological innovation, cultivating emerging marine industries, enhancing policy alignment in the field of sustainable marine development, actively building a China-Africa blue partnership; continuously improving and expanding cooperation mechanisms and platforms, setting up the forum executive body to promote the institutionalization of the China-Africa Forum on Marine Science and Technology, and advancing the construction and development of the China-Africa Marine Science and Blue Economy Cooperation Center; deepening China-Africa practical maritime cooperation under the framework of the í░Ocean Decadeí▒, identifying priority areas and specific projects, and transforming more research findings into solutions, governance tools and public service products. Xu Wenguang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor, introduced that Zhejiang has always adhered to the strategic goal of í░building a strong marine economy provinceí▒, and deeply implemented the actions of leading the development of the ocean by science and technology, the construction of beautiful ocean, and the opening of the ocean to the outside world, expecting to strengthen practical cooperation with each side in developing the blue economy, deepening innovation in marine science and technology, promoting green marine development, etc., so as to protect the blue home together.

Academician Li Jiabiao, Director of the SIO, and Mika Odido, Member of the Sub-Commission for Africa and Neighboring Island States, delivered keynote speeches at the meeting, introducing the framework of Chinaí»s action plan under the í░Ocean Decadeí▒ and the í░Ocean Decadeí▒ Roadmap for Africa.

Delegates participating in the meeting from China and Africa agreed that the two sides have many areas of common interest and concern, similar plans and actions, a profound foundation and broad potential for cooperation under the framework of the "Ocean Decade", so that they should continue to coordinate the formulation of an action plan for China-Africa cooperation under the "Ocean Decade", and set up the Secretariat of the China-Africa Forum on Marine Science and Technology as soon as possible to form a stable liaison mechanism; At the same time, the two sides may consider accelerating the construction of the China-Africa Marine Science and Blue Economy Cooperation Center.