2018 Symposium on Geodynamics of Asian Margins and Global Change

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       On July 23-24, 2018 Symposium of GEOGE was held to improve the integration of the project and promote the academic exchange among the projects, more than 60 experts including Academician LI Jiabiao, chief scientist of the project, and Academician JIN Zhenmin, leader of expert group, attended the Symposium.
       During the meeting, the leaders of 6 project groups and heads of the sub-projects reported on the progress of the task since 2015, the achievements, the international cooperation and the training of talents and discussed the next international plan and the plan of the integrated work.
       According to the reports, we have achieved a great deal of achievements in the project, carried out the international cooperation with international cooperation voyages, visits of scholars and postgraduates and international academic forums with Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Bangladesh, truly embodied the adherence to the "Self-based International Cooperation " and realized the research contents and scientific objectives of the project through many international exchange platforms including IODP and InterRige. More than 150 academic papers have been published in mainstream international academic journals, and the achievements have gained the attention and recognition of international peers. At the same time, there are also special topics for the subjects in domestic and foreign academic conferences and forums, which has attracted international and domestic counterparts and greatly enhanced the international influence of the project.
       Academician JIN Zhenmin, head of the advisory group, believed that various subjects are currently in good condition. At the close stage of the project, we should focus on the highlights, publish influential international articles, and strengthen the comparison with relevant international progress, complete the project with high quality and high standards and achieve breakthrough results. Academician LI Jiabiao summed up the research status and progress of the project, and required us to strengthen the research, integration and summary of the results, including the publicity and exhibition of the highlights, at the same time, embody the characteristics of international cooperation and continue to promote international cooperation programs and international academic organizations led by ourselves in the future.