Marine Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students Organized by SIO, SJTU & ZJU

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       With the deepening of cooperation with the sea-related universities, the summer camp jointly organized by SIO and the sea-related universities was held in July. On July 27, SIO and Institute of Oceanography of Shanghai Jiao Tong University held the first marine summer camp for outstanding college students to invite 32 junior students from 20 colleges and universities including Ocean University of China and Wuhan University to visit SIO. On July 28, SIO and Ocean College of Zhejiang University held the Sixth Summer Camp for outstanding college students to invite 103 outstanding undergraduate students from a number of sea-related universities for exchange in SIO.
       During the visit to the laboratory, the campers showed great interests in the laboratories and showrooms in SIO. In the "Big World" exhibition area, the campers understood the phenomena of El Nino and La Nina through the instructors, and viewed the seafloor creatures along with Jiaolong submersible; in the exhibition area of polar research and foreign cooperation, the campers understood the glorious history of polar scientific research in SIO and the past and present situation of our foreign cooperation; in the Argo center, the campers followed the buoy to the vast ocean to witness the rapid change of temperature and salinity brought by thermocline; at the Laboratory of Submarine Geosciences, the campers were shocked by the accurate test results brought by advanced scientific research equipment… Although the trip lasted only one day, the campers benefited a lot and expressed their strong interest in the marine exploration and their vision for the future.
       Scientific researchers at all levels of SIO have also actively participated in the summer camps jointly run by SIO and universities and colleges, and introduced the history and achievements of SIO to college students. At the welcome ceremony of summer camp jointly run by SIO and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Vice Director HUANG Daji reviewed the history of development of SIO and the outstanding achievements in the subject evaluation, and encouraged people to devote themselves to marine exploration and research practice with his own experience in guiding postgraduates; at the closing ceremony of summer camp jointly run by SIO and Zhejiang University, researcher HAN Xiqiu, also Vice-Dean of the Ocean College of Zhejiang University, issued camping certificates for the campers. In addition, leaders and young scientists and technicians from the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics, the Laboratory of Submarine Geosciences and the Marine Ecology and Environment Laboratory, also introduced the characteristics and advantages of the laboratories to the campers and made exchanges with them.