Scientific Research and Study in the Polar Area

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       SIO is one of the main initiators of China’s Polar Researches. In 1984, SIO organized the first Antarctic Scientific Research in the Southern Ocean and since then researchers in SIO have joined all voyages of Antarctic Expeditions of our country.
       During this period, we have done studies on marine physics, marine geology, marine chemistry, marine biology and sea ice and have formed a certain research characteristics and achieved relatively desirable research results in nutrient dynamics, marine primary productivity and phytoplankton, biogeochemical process of carbon and records of ancient environment.
       In 1999, scientists from SIO were sent to the First Arctic Expedition of China and carried out researches in marine chemistry, marine biology, marine geology and geophysics in all Arctic Expeditions. And the then general director Prof. Zhang Haisheng was the chief scientist during the third Arctic Expedition.
       During the last six Arctic Expeditions, we have accumulated rich data and samples in nutritive salts, organic carbon and biomarkers, thus making China one of the countries that have the most chemical data in Northwest Pacific nutritive salts in recent 10 years.