Delimitation of the Outer Continental Shelf beyond 200 Nautical Miles of China Seas

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       Delimitation of Continental Shelf is a great matter to maritime rights and interests for a country and it has become the new focal point for countries to compete in oceans. Carrying out delimitation of continental shelf according to United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is the last chance to expand marine territory.
       In 2000, the National ¡®973¡¯ Program¡ª¡°Formation and Evolution of China¡¯s Marginal Sea and Major Issues about Important Resources¡± was initiated and researchers in SIO began to prepare for the delimitation of continental shelf in China starting with understanding China¡¯s marginal sea. In 2002, the first special project of delimiting continental shelf was carried out and researches of its scientific and legal base was initiated as well.
       After 10 years of joint efforts, Prof. Li Jiabiao and his research team established the geological theory of delimiting continental shelf at back-arc basin and constructed a geological model base for continental shelf delimitation in the world. SIO made breakthroughs in automatically measuring continental slopefoot, invented a method
to reconstruct sound velocity profile for submarine topography detection and developed a series of complete sets of equipment to detect the deep earth crust, thus forming scheme of continental shelf delimitation beyond 200 nautical miles off the East China Sea.
       The project of Research and Application of the Key Technology for Delimitation of Continental Shelf of China Seas was awarded The Second Prize for State Scientific and Technological Progress in 2015.