Key Technology of Satellite Remote Sensing to Monitor Offshore Complex Water Environment

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       Quantitative remote sensing of offshore complex water environment has always been an international challenge in ocean color remote sensing study and it is also a key factor that restricts the development of remote sensing to the monitoring of marine environment.
       After years of hard work, Prof. Pan Delu and his research team established a vector model of marine remote sensing radiation transfer combining coupled atmosphere-ocean, rough sea surface and polarized characteristic and made breakthroughs in the key technology to process and use ocean color satellite data. And the multi-satellite reception-- fusion process-- products manufacturing integrated application system of remote sensing made it possible for us to take the lead in establishing stereoscopic monitoring operational system based on marine satellite, aviation remote sensing and field monitoring. As a result, the preciseness and stability of remote sensing products have been improved and marine environment monitoring industry in our country has been further promoted.
       SIO built marine environment remote sensing database that covers sea areas of our country, including 12000 stations and 250000 groups of marine environment parameters and remote sensing spectra datasets. It has accumulated the most comprehensive basic data of marine remote sensing and reached international advanced level in similar researches about offshore complex water satellite remote sensing.
       Project of Research and Application of the Key Technology of Satellite Remote Sensing to Monitor Offshore Complex Water Environment was awarded The Second Prize for State Scientific and Technological Progress in 2013.

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