There are more than 400 professional technicians in SIO, including 2 academicians of CAS and 3 academicians of CAE, 3 senior specialists at Zhejiang Provincial level, 90 senior professional technicians, 136 associate senior professional technicians as well as a large group of influential academic leaders at home and abroad, thus forming a team of high-quality, high-level and high-skilled talents for science and technology.
       Among all staff in SIO, 1 has obtained the “Science Grant for Outstanding Youth” from the state, 2 have been listed in the “One-hundred plus One-thousand plus Tenthousand Talent Project” and 26 have been receiving special allowance from the State Council.
       Apart from these, SIO is also home to a large group of influential academic leaders, including 4 chief scientists in the National ‘973’ Program, l National Advanced Collective of Outstanding Technical Personnel, 1 winner of “Scienceand Technology Award for Chinese Youth”, 3 Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Zhejiang Province, 1 “Qianjiang Scheme” talent and 6 Outstanding Sci-tech Youths in the national oceanic system. Three important teams also emerged from the large group of academic leaders, including 1 innovation team in the state
key fields, 1 innovation research team granted by National Research Foundation and 1 key sci-tech innovation team in Zhejiang Province.
       In recent years, SIO has signed long-term cooperation agreements with Zhejiang University, University of Geosciences in Wuhan, Guangdong Ocean University, Shanghai Ocean University and other research institutes to carry out co-building plans in laboratories, marine science disciplines and talent cultivation. And it is now also possible for universities to hire graduate supervisors from other institutes in a mutual way. SIO also build co-research mechanism through scientific research programs so as to work together to cultivate high-level and innovative marine talents. By establishing special hiring mechanism, SIO has managed to hire more than 20 guest professors from Taiwan and Hong Kong regions as well as some foreign countries.
       SIO was given permission to confer Master Degrees of Science by Academic Degree Commission of the State Council in 1981. The research areas of SIO cover more than 20 disciplines, including physical oceanography, marine geology, marine remote sensing, marine chemistry, marine biology, port, coastal and offshore engineering. And in total, there are more than 64 master supervisors.
       Physical oceanography, marine geology, marine remote sensing, marine chemistry, marine biology and other 5-plus disciplines are authorized to recruit doctoral candidates by cooperating with some famous universities and institutes from both at home and abroad. In the meantime, 27 scientists from SIO are part-time doctoral supervisors at Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Tongji University and Ocean University of China.
       SIO also has postdoctoral workstation that is qualified to recruit postdoctoral researchers independently and a platform for visiting scholars for cooperation and joint researches.