State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Enviroment Dynamics

       The State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (SOED) was approved for construction in July of 2006 and was accepted in December of 2010. The laboratory is an assembly of excellent talents in physical oceanography, marine remote sensing, marine ecological environment and other traditional preponderant disciplines in SIO.
       SOED is driven to meet national needs to safeguard maritime rights and interests and prevent and mitigate disasters.Its goal is to establish technological and  theoretical system to monitor and predicate marine environment so as to carry out satellite marine environment dynamic researches centered on basic research for application and to build a marine scientific and technological base with distinct features and great international influence.
       After ten years of development, by closely combining physical oceanography and satellite oceanography, SOED has become a relatively rare cross-discipline research platform in international marine sciences. It has developed and integrated ocean observation high and new technology and played a leading role in term of satellite remote sensing and application of Argo. SOED has also independently researched and developed early warning and forecasting system to monitor marine environment so as to fully meet the great needs of our country for disaster prevention and mitigation and the safeguarding of maritime rights and interests.