Associate Researcher Liu Zhaojun Won the Second Prize of 2021 Natural Resources Science Popularization Contest

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On September 24, the final of ¡°2021 Natural Resources Science Popularization Contest¡± hosted by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the People¡¯s Republic of China and co-sponsored by the Geological Museum of China, Department of Natural Resources of Sichuan Province and Chengdu University of Technology came to successful conclusion. Associate Researcher Liu Zhaojun from State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamica of SIO won the second prize.

Associate Researcher Liu Zhaojun calmly represented her independently propositioned science popularization work ¡°Clear Black Water¡± with elegant words and expressions. She started with the event of Jianzhen crossing the ocean to Japan which initiated the cultural exchange between China and Japan. Then, she employed the ocean-crossing route to draw out the functions of Kuroshio, i.e., ¡°promote navigation, regulate climate and increase fishery harvesting¡±. Also, she scientifically described natural attributes of Kuroshio and introduced the China-Japan joint scientific expedition around Kuroshio research from the perspective of frontline researchers to sublimate the topic of the speech, highlighting the intersection of scientific research, history, nature and culture.

It is reported that this contest was divided into two stages: preliminary and final. A combination of online and offline methods was employed in the preliminary. After fierce competition, a total of 35 contestants from subordinate units of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the People¡¯s Republic of China and Department of Natural Resources of various provinces and cities entered the final stage. The final was divided into two parts: independently propositioned representation and randomly propositioned representation. The judges scored according to the contestants¡¯ understanding and display of science knowledge on natural resources and their ability and skills to popularize science knowledge to the public. At last, 3 first prize owners, 7 second prize owners and 25 third prize owners were selected. Total score of Liu Zhaojun ranked the seventh.

This contest has many highlights and is also an opportunity for scientific researcher to improve their science popularization capabilities. As a representative of the judges, Qiu Chengli, Deputy Director of Science Communication Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that when telling a story of natural resources, it is important to find a small cut, take specialization and popularization into consideration and improve the scientific feature of the science popularization content. He also hoped that more scientific researchers will devote themselves into science popularization work, interpret natural science knowledge and promote the spirit of natural science.