The Arctic JASMInE Scientific Program Was Successfully Completed

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Recently, the Joint Arctic Scientific Middle-ocean ridge Insight Expedition (JASMInE) scientific program with Academician Li Jiabiao of the Second Institute of Oceanography (SIO), MNR as the Chief Scientist was successfully completed. The voyage lasted 79 days, during which, comprehensive geophysical explorations, for example, large scale of seaquake were carried out in Gakkel middle-ocean ridge regions of the Arctic Ocean and fruitful results were achieved.

This voyage conducted the comprehensive geophysical explorations (for example, for large scale of seaquake) on the Gakkel middle-ocean ridge regions in the world for the first time. Through independent technological innovation, 43 submarine seismometers had been deployed with a recovery rate of 97.7%, which broke the international assertion that exploration by submarine seismometer cannot be carried out in high-latitude dense glacial Arctic region. Strong magmatic activity, a large number of micro-earthquake and abnormal crustal structures were observed in the slowest expanded Gakkel middle-ocean ridge, completing the last piece of the puzzle of the global mid-ocean ridge lithosphere structure.

During the investigation, scientific researchers systematically carried out sub-glacial submarine hydrothermal solution exploration. They collected hydrothermal product samples in the survey regions for the first time. Also, they discovered a unique polar middle-ocean ridge hydrothermal system that is characterized by large range, strong abnormal signal and lack of biomass, providing key scientific evidence for understanding multi-layer material cycle process in the submarine of polar areas.

Key technologies and equipment such as sub-glacial submarine seismometer, submarine magnetotelluric instrument, sonar buoy, short baseline array, TV grab, optical tow body, autonomous robot for this voyage were fully and independently researched and developed. Also, series glacial region submarine exploration methods and operation specifications were established. These indicate that China is fully capable of autonomous operation of submarine exploration in high-latitude, extremely cold and dense glacial regions.