Assisting ¡°Double Reduction¡±, ¡°Approaching Ocean¡± Science Popularization Video Entered the Campus

Editor:admin Author:Li R& Lou XL Date:2021-10-22 Hits:1271


        On October 20, the launching ceremony of Assisting ¡°Double Reduction¡± Ocean Science Popularization Campaign and first releasing ceremony of ¡°Approaching Ocean¡± series of science popularization videos were held at Hangzhou Tianhang Experimental School.

        Ten episodes of marine science popularization video clips were first released at the ceremonies, including ¡°Argo: The Scouting Guardian of Ocean¡± and ¡°Red Tide: The Red Ghost on Ocean¡±. These science popularization videos were carefully recorded by more than ten experts and scholars in the field of marine research in SIO, and the contents covered marine life, marine instrument, marine disasters, marine culture, etc. These videos introduced marine knowledge with vivid video language. Further, coupled with the passionate appearance of scientists, these videos can stimulate the awareness and interest of primary and middle school students to understand, love and protect oceans. After the first releasing ceremony, the ¡°Approaching Ocean¡± series of science popularization videos will provide a new way for primary and middle school students to learn marine knowledge through various forms.

        During the event, Huang Wei, Researcher of SIO, gave a special lecture on marine science popularization to the students of Tianhang Experimental School. Based on current global micro-plastic pollution situation, Huang Wei described current situation of micro-plastic pollution in detail to the students. Frequent interactions between him and the audience stimulated the enthusiasm of each student to study the marine knowledge.